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Some videos we have produced:

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Hillary Rampage

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Midterm Elections

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Trump Tax Cut

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Iowa Judges

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(Don't) Vote Heitkamp

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Muslim Brotherhood Bailout

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TPP Dream

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Internet tax

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My Balls

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By The Numbers

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Interchange Points

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China 5G

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Video creators for:

  • Trump 2020 Re-election
  • 2018 Republican Mid-Terms (winning videos)
  • 2016 Republican Jerusalem rally (featuring Candidates Donald Trump & Mike Pence)
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
  • + 300 other campaigns with an 80% + winning percentage

Endorsed by

John Bolton

National Security Advisor

Michele Bachmann

House of Representatives

Newt Gingrich

House of Representatives

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister

Andy McCarthy

District Attorney

John Batchelor

The John Batchelor Show


"I am writing to offer my heartfelt thanks for your hard work during the 2011 federal election. Your efforts in the war room contributed directly to the historic accomplishment we achieved"
PM Stephen Harper
"Thank goodness he’s on our side."
Mayor John Tory
Mayor of Toronto
"Drastically increased our campaign effectiveness and enhanced our operations, and played an important role in helping the Prime Minister secure the election."
PM Netanyahu
Israel Likud Party
“Has the ability to take complex issues and weave them into memorable and easily-understood phrases and narratives.”
Mike Harris
former Premier of Ontario
“After a Bigfoot was sighted in northern Ontario, I watched [Akiva] turn the event into a series of international television and print stories on land protection”
Former Chief Of Staff To Canada’s Minister Of Natural Resources
“When a scuffle breaks out on the streets, call the Guardian Angels. When a scuffle breaks out in the media, call [Akiva].”
Curtis Sliwa
Founder of the Guardian Angels
"Three cheers for Michael Prell's timely reminder that the best society is a merit society, not the grievance society that feeds on Underdogma."
Andrew C. McCarthy
“Thank goodness for this effort.”
John Bolton
America’s National Security Advisor
"I want to tell you my enthusiasm for your work…I think you’re really doing a great service."
Tony Robbins
World-Renowned Author, Advisor To 3 US Presidents
"Brilliant Video"
HBO "Real Time" Host

Some of our Filmmakers…

Pollie Award-winning creative lead for 300 campaigns worldwide including Israel, USA, Canada, Australia.

Viral video director (2 billion views) for Jay Shetty, Meir Kay and the woman to his left?

Animator / CGI artist for Iron Man, Spider Man, Sin City, Fast and Furious & more…

Christian documentary filmmaker – with RomaDowney producer of The Bible and Ben Hur.

One of his videos was called “the most powerful campaign spot since Ronald Reagan’s ‘Morning in America.’”

8 filmmakers and editors

including those who have worked on Academy Award films

Great Videos. Let’s do this.

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